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Germs, Germs Everywhere

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After a year with only a minor cold passed around our family, the germs finally found us. Is there a way to confuse their GPS so they get sent to the middle of nowhere instead of our house? We love having guests, but this is getting ridiculous. My children, who have to be reminded to share frequently, have been kind enough to share their runny noses and coughs freely. Enough is enough!

I guess I really shouldn’t complain. Only my three-year-old has had a UTI. Three have had croup, but it only lasted a couple of days. Only one has an ear infection. That doesn’t sound so bad when I read it, but living it has been a different story. I am so thankful for Young Living essential oils for making this round of sickness bearable.

When Annie first started complaining of a UTI, we took her to a naturopath. We tried the homeopathic remedy he recommended with no success. He suggested we call the pediatrician for an antibiotic. After using the antibiotic, and dealing with the yeast infection, her urine tested clear but she still complained of pain. Fast forward 3 weeks and she started running a fever again. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed another infection.

UTI Relief

I am so thankful that this time around I was prepared with essential oils. I had ordered my Young Living Premium Starter Kit and had my essential oil reference guides ready. We started applying Thieves to her feet as soon as the fever started and the pain immediately decreased. After researching what oils were effective against e coli, I decided to use Oregano and Thyme. Annie is too young to swallow capsules, so I diluted the oils and alternated applying them to her feet every three hours. The fever broke and the pain continued improving. I continued researching and decided to add D Mannose to our treatment plan. We open one capsule and mix it with her almond milk twice a day. It is wonderful to have her back to her normal three-year-old self – full of laughter and energy instead of whines and lethargy.

annie dma

If you are considering using essential oils, please be sure that the oils you are using a therapeutic grade oils. I choose to use Young Living oils because I trust them with my family’s health. Many other oils are not pure, even if the label says they are. There is a lot of great research on the effectiveness of Young Living oils available. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be happy to forward you more information.


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