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Taming the Meal Planning Monster

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I am a meal planning procrastinator extraordinaire. There are many nights that I am heading to the kitchen 10 minutes before dinner wondering what in the world we are going to eat. This clearly needs to be my first area to tackle toward taking care of our household. I’m sure it will also lead to better relationships because I will be able to let the kids help cook.

I used to use our diet (gluten, casein, corn, soy, sweetener, starch, grain- free) as an excuse for struggling with meal planning. Time to put on my “big girl panties” and admit that our diet was only an excuse not a reason. I have been cooking this way for too long for it to be new or hard.

My next big excuse was our schedule or lack there of. We have lots of doctor appointments, club meetings, etc. I don’t know far enough in advance when I will be home to plan meals for each day. Reality check – that is exactly why I need to plan meals. If I have a plan someone else can help get meals ready. I may need to be flexible, but that is so much easier than trying to create a meal at the last minute with whatever is in the pantry.

My last excuse was shopping the sales to save money. This one is a huge joke. If I am rushed at the store because I need dinner in an hour and I don’t have any plan, I certainly don’t look for sales. If I am at the store several times a week, I spend way more money on impulse buys than if I just stay home. I still plan to look at the sales for produce and meat, but I’m not going to stress about saving a couple of cents for other items. I’m sure I will more than make up for it by just staying out of the store.

I am going to start with a plan for four weeks of meals. It will probably last for five weeks as we add in leftover nights. If I only make a week’s worth of plans, I’ll be right back in this same position next week with no more motivation. I’m hoping to just keep tweaking this plan until it works really well and then just repeat it. I’m not going to worry about side dishes right now. I’m planning to purchase produce in season and keep some frozen veggies for emergencies. I will be adding links to recipes as I can.



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Roasted Chicken Meat Muffins Mexican Chicken and Rice Fish Hot Dogs and Chili

Amy’s Black Bean Chili is a ok for our diet and super fast.

We use Coleman All Natural Hot Dogs. You can purchase them at Costco during the summer.

Ratatouille Chicken Soup
Roast Baked Chicken

Pineapple Chicken

Cauliflower Rice

BBQ Fish Sticks

This recipe has my kids fighting to eat fish instead of fighting to get out of it.

Burrito Bowls

Cauliflower Rice

Pizza Beef and Cabbage
Roasted Chicken Hamburgers White Chicken Chili Fish Chicken Casserole Spaghetti Chicken Salad
Roast Taco Soup Stir Fry Fish Chicken Tenders Lasagne Roast Soup



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