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What to do when the gluten monster attacks?

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Our family follows a strict gluten-free diet for many reasons. Most of the time we are successful in keeping the gluten monster out of our lives. Sunday we were attacked on three fronts. Three kids got into gluten in one day! If you have never experienced the out-of-controllness (is that even a word?) that follows gluten, you have truly been blessed.

The fallout included an adorable one-year-old that fussed non-stop, was super sleepy, but would only sleep for an hour at a time. Our three-year-old princess was up all through the night with night terrors. The most affected, however, was our super sweet nine-year-old son. He was bounce-off-the-walls, roller coaster emotions, no focus, no fine motor skills glutenized. Not a pretty sight.

The first day I went into survival mode. I knew from past experience that gluten meant two weeks of detox. Two weeks of chore battles, school frustrations, and my poor son feeling like he was a failure. I was sad, frustrated, and not thinking clearly.

The next day it finally dawned on me that I could try my oils to make things better. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that sooner? We applied Di-Gize on his stomach to help with digestion, Valor on his feet to help balance emotions and help with focus and anxiety, and Frankincense on the crown of his head to help with distress, anxiety, tension, and seizures. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see much of a difference. Nothing had helped in the past.

First, we managed to eat an entire meal without anything spilled. That was encouraging. He only had one chore that was not completed properly that morning. Hmm…, maybe we were on to something. The big test was school. Image

The top sentence was from the first day of gluten. It took 45 minutes, 4 broken pencil leads, numerous trips to the Lego table, and lots of frustration for him to write. The paragraph took 10 minutes of work, seated at this desk the entire time, to complete. We are still working on the fine motor skills he did not develop when his seizures were uncontrolled, but I think the difference is amazing. He was so proud of his work! The rest of the day was a pleasant surprise. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t perfect, but I finished the day with everyone happy and proud of what had been accomplished.

The biggest surprise of the day was bedtime. Our son has fought insomnia for 4-5 years. If you read my post Joy the the Rescue, you know that we had made progress. I thought we were doing great, but I was wrong. We reapplied Di-Gize and Frankincense with his normal nighttime oils. Fifteen minutes later he was sound asleep. Fifteen minutes! The next night he was asleep in less than twenty minutes. My husband and I actually got to have an adult conversation without either one of us falling asleep with no interruptions!

I’m so thankful for the Young Living Essential Oils that allowed me to help my son feel good about himself even though his body was reacting to gluten! My list of oils never to be without is growing.

If you have any questions about essential oils, let me know. I hope that your family can be as blessed by these oils as mine has been. Please be careful when using essential oils to only use good quality, therapeutic grade oils. Essential oils are very concentrated, so any impurities in the oils can also be concentrated.


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