Our Happy, Healthy Home – Our continual efforts to improve our family through faith, food, and fun.


This blog was born out of my disorganization. I spend way too much time researching things to help my family and way too little time organizing them. My recipe book now spans two notebooks with more pages falling out than in the clips, a file folder, a box, and a recipe holder on the kitchen counter. There is no hope to find the recipe that I planned to use for dinner unless I search for it on the computer. Let’s see – it could be on one of the five recipe boards I have on Pinterest, or on my wall on Facebook, or in Evernote, or in a bookmark on my desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, or saved to a hard drive somewhere. The same goes for craft ideas, sewing patterns, Young Living essential oil information, organization information, etc. It is really sad to be so disorganized that you can’t even find the organizing helps when you are ready to use them. My goal is to use this blog as my organized, tagged, clutter-free brain. I’m praying it works.

My husband and I have been married since 1991 and have seven wonderful children aged 19, 11, 9, 7, 6, 3, and 1 year. We have all of the normal childhood sickness and excitement with the added bonuses of epilepsy, osteoporosis, asthma, bipolar disorder, and ADHD thrown in. The ten of us, my mother lives with us, live in the Dallas metroplex. We enjoy music, books, building things, redecorating, video games (according to my kids), cooking, and time with friends.


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