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Meat Muffins

Meat loaf is one of my favorite comfort foods. Unfortunately, my family has never really liked it. I could get by with serving it once every 3-4 months as long as I didn’t expect anyone to eat leftovers. When we stopped eating all grains, I thought I would just have to give up meat loaf altogether. My total lack of meal planning one night led to an amazing discovery – grain-free meatloaf that my whole family actually likes. I decided to cook our meat loaf in muffin pans to speed up the cooking process because I was in such a hurry. My kids thought that was great, so I have never tried in a loaf pan. For fun, you can make mashed sweet potatoes or mashed carrots and “ice” the muffins. Peas make great meat muffin “sprinkles.”

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Taming the Meal Planning Monster

I am a meal planning procrastinator extraordinaire. There are many nights that I am heading to the kitchen 10 minutes before dinner wondering what in the world we are going to eat. This clearly needs to be my first area to tackle toward taking care of our household. I’m sure it will also lead to better relationships because I will be able to let the kids help cook.

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