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chocolate milk

As I read this article on Fox News discussing the outcry over a bill in Connecticut that could remove chocolate milk from public schools, I kept waiting for the rest of the story. The bill was introduced to limit the amount of sodium allowed in school lunches. Because chocolate milk has 60-90 milligrams of added salt it would not be allowed in school lunches. Apparently this has a lot of people really upset.

I find it very amusing that no one is concerned with the amount of sugar that is added to chocolate milk. All of the nutrients that are mentioned as a benefit to consuming chocolate milk can be obtained from eating a 6 oz. serving of yogurt with 1/4 cup of sliced apricots while sitting outside for 10-15 minutes during the summer without any added sugar.

US RDA 10 year old male*WHO 8 oz Low Fat
Chocolate Milk
6 oz Low Fat Yogurt with 1/4 cup sliced apricots
Calories kcal 2040 190 127
Sugar g 12.5* 11.19* 0*
Calcium mg 1300 272 316
Protein g 29 7.48 9.5
Vitamin A mcg 600 568 881
Vitamin D mcg 15 3 2
Potassium mg 4500 422 505
Niacin mg 12 0.41 0.442
*23.88-12.69 intrinsic *15.87 all intrinsic

I know that not all kids like yogurt and that Vitamin D from sun exposure is not possible during the winter months in most of the US. I also know that there are far healthier ways to ensure that children get the vitamins and nutrients that they need without resorting to a highly sweetened beverage that contains almost the entire amount of sugar recommended per day in one serving. It is time that we start to teach truly healthy habits to our children. Trying to “hide” healthy foods in a large serving of sugar is not doing them any good. Focusing on nutrient dense foods and modeling healthy eating habits will go so much further toward raising happy, healthy children.

For more information on the health consequences of sugar consumption, check out my post Sweet Temptation.